Unusual job searching tactics


July 7, 2017 by kristamtam

There has been a lot of discussion lately about whether the CV will exist in the next 10 years. Will there be a need for a Cover Letter? Will a human read your application? Will you have to apply with your DNA or using an AI avatar?

The future of job searching is changing and as a result the job searching itself needs to adjust. With technological advancements and changes in approaches, now is a good time to implement those new job searching techniques you may not have thought of previously. So bar jobs boards and newspapers, how could you go about looking for a new job? I am sharing some ideas below as an employability professional.

Social Media

A large proportion of the working population is now on and using LinkedIn. It’s a great tool and is essentially your online CV that you could use to apply for jobs, network and share ideas with colleagues. LinkedIn has an extensive jobs board within and it also allows you the opportunity to be the first to find out about the companies you follow and when they recruit. It’s an essential job searching tool and should be utilised. You can read more here about how to use LinkedIn for job searches. As excellent as LinkedIn is, people neglect to think of other social media as an option.

Twitter is a fantastic job seeking tool. You can follow the companies you love and find out about their vacancies quickly. You can also show your interest to the companies directly by tweeting them.

Tweet 1

Try it for yourself. Search Twitter with #Hiring or #jobs or #recruiting and see what comes up. 

Facebook and Pinterest are also used to share jobs. Explore your social media networks and see what you could find (apart from cat videos, of course).


Free networking events

There has been a significant rise in people getting together, online and face-to-face, to share ideas and hang out. What you may not realise is that those events could be a great way to meet someone, a key contact, who may be able to offer you a job of a lifetime.

There are a number of ways to find out about these meetings but some of the most effective from my experience are:

  • LinkedIn network – contacts sharing events and activities for you to attend
  • Eventbrite – you could search for free events in your area of interest
  • Meetup – a platform for like minded people to get together
  • Facebook groups and pages – always worth checking company’s ones

So why not leave the screen and see what’s out there?

Business Communication Duplicate model

Local spaces

If you live in a particular area and you’d like to work there – than utilise this opportunity and your knowledge to seek out employment. Local councils and newspapers will frequently have a jobs board where local vacancies are advertised. Just to give you an example of my local area:


You should also have a look at community centres, local newsagents and sometimes even schools. You know your area well and should utilise the locality and use it to your advantage.

The above list is of course not extensive. Just to give you some further ideas, you could look for jobs via:

  • Your favorite magazines/online blogs may share jobs
  • Signing up to digests in the area you’re interested in – for example, Nesta send innovation digests that include jobs within
  • As a coder, you could be discovered via GitHub
  • Event happenstance – making yourself present in the areas/locations where you know the companies you love are and accidentally bumping into someone
  • Creating a blog and being discovered

I am certain there are a huge amount of ways in which you could be a little more unusual with your job searching. You could always produce an edible CV to be selected? 

Whatever the approach, always ensure you’re selling yourself in the most positive and honest way you can. Be mindful of your digital footprint and always look to build up contacts.

I would be keen to hear from you for further unusual job searching ideas below so please feel free to comment.

Thank you for reading!





2 thoughts on “Unusual job searching tactics

  1. We really enjoyed this blog-post about unusual job search tactics: lot’s of interesting innovations to keep up with. Have you seen this ‘playable’ CV? It’s rather unusual: http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/scitech/technology/336796/playable-cv-designer-makes-interactive-super-mario-bros-resume/story/

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