Is CV delivery now as important as the content?


February 21, 2017 by kristamtam

The market is competitive – it has always been. And candidates are finding new ways of standing out from their peers.

As an employability professional I frequently see examples on LinkedIn and various other media of candidates applying for role in unconventional ways. Typical examples are:

Snack CV


If you actually look at the CV itself, the content is quite wordy and I would say at a first glance – the CV is not that excellent. However, you can see the recruiter is definitely going to call Clive…

Cereal CV

Milk CV

Cake CV


Doughnut CV


Has the delivery of your application now become as important as the content within? Do graduates now have to think of how will their application will reach the employer as well as ensuring their application is of quality?

I would be very interested to hear your views on this topic – so please do post comments below.


One thought on “Is CV delivery now as important as the content?

  1. […] I am certain there are a huge amount of ways in which you could be a little more unusual with your job searching. You could always produce an edible CV to be selected?  […]


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