Graduate Market of 2017


January 26, 2017 by kristamtam

High Fliers have published a report on the graduate market in 2017.

Key Points worth noting from that report:

  • Out of 100 best known and successful employers interviewed, only 8 will reduce their graduate recruitment due to Brexit in 2017


  • In  6/13 key industries and employment areas employers are expecting to take on more new graduates than in 2016


  • The biggest growth in vacancies is expected at public sector organisations and high street & online retailers which together intend to recruit over 1,200 extra graduates in 2017


  • Over a third of recruiters who took part in the research said that students who have had no previous work experience at all are unlikely to be successful during the selection process and have little or no chance of receiving a job offer for their organisations’ graduate programmes


  • Over 800 graduate vacancies were left unfilled in 2016 and a total of 30 organisations reported having graduate positions that they were unable to recruit for


  • The largest recruiters of graduates in 2017 are expected to be the accounting & professional services firms, public sector employers, engineering & industrial firms and investment banks who have combined recruitment targets of almost 13,000 graduate positions


  • A total of 19,658 graduates actually started work with the organisations featured in The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers – considerably fewer than had been expected


  • A small number of organisations are cutting back on their graduate recruitment in 2017 in favour of increased school-leaver recruitment, ahead of the introduction of the new Apprenticeship Levy later this year

You are welcome to read the full report here to get more in-depth analysis.

Overall, the graduate market of 2017 is looking promising. I would say careers services just need to ensure the students are showcasing and developing those much needed skills to succeed.


One thought on “Graduate Market of 2017

  1. Paul Laing says:

    Krisitina, your summary of the Graduate report was clear and highlights a positive outlook for students and the UK as a whole.

    I take your point that universities’ career services need to push the message to their students the opportunities are there to take and careers services are there to help. Students themselves need to take note and understand the employment environment they will be working in and use the resources of their university to the max to ensure their future.


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