Horizon Scanning: Predicting the Future of Employability

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October 26, 2016 by kristamtam

There has been a massive increase in business analytics, predictive algorithms, using Big Data to make realistic predictions and general focus on being one step ahead, always.

Employability is a field which is following this trend.

Companies now focus on creating and innovating their recruitment processes. Things like Gamification are an active part of the recruitment scene, where candidates can play games on their computers and phones to get through recruitment stages and get shortlisted for roles.

But what is the future of employability and work likely to be? As a professional who’s been a recruiter and am now a careers adviser I wanted to make some predictions, based on the market and the current world.


Technological advancements have been immense in the last 10 years and soon we will not have to do anything, but speak to a robot who will do it for us. I therefore predict that there will be VR recruitment procedures. For example, an engineering company could have an interview stage where a candidate has to build a working engine in a VR environment. This is an easy way for the candidate to showcase their skills and the employer to evaluate and decide.


Alongside the technological developments, companies are now saying that there are a lot of techie candidates who can’t speak to one another or the team. I therefore predict that there will be a greater need for candidates who are able to deal with technology, but also have those important human skills like communication, teamwork, empathy and emotional intelligence ( a buzz word in the world of employment at the moment).


The advancement of our society and the change of how we interact with one another and the world would mean jobs will come up that we can’t fathom right now. 10 years ago the notion of a Social Media Manager would have been bizarre to a typical recruitment officer, now there is a need for these individuals. I predict that there will be ‘AI Care Managers’ soon whose role would be to maintain the emotional wellbeing of AI robots. And other roles along those lines.

Office Space

There has been a significant shift in the way we work. Uber is a prime example of a company who has a lot of employees who do not sit in an office 9-5. Flexible working, remote working are all aspects of the working world now that are expanding and changing  greatly. I predict there will be no need for offices at all very soon, as with the support of technology, we can all work from wherever suits us at a time that suits us.

I am sure the future will be unexpected and wonderfully complex, with IoT being a part of the everyday and there being no need for offices anymore as everyone works remotely, when they feel like it, on their laptop/phone/VR hybrid with their trust AI enabled ‘Alfred’ by their side.

I am excited to be a part of this future and would love to hear your comments and predictions below.


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